The December Innkeeper


For us, on about December 15th each year business comes to a screeching halt. We finish up on the last business guests and Anniversary stays, Christmas parties and weddings, and the old house gets very quiet. It is too slow to have many staff around, so Lisa and I pretty much do everything until the craziness of New Years Eve.

I take this time to just listen to the old house and neighborhood. If you think of all the things that have happened here over the past 120 years, there has to be some spirits lurking about here. I think so. Something is talking to me right now…but that is a story for another time.

My favorite time to be here is early in the morning on the back deck. Guests are not yet stirring. The coffee is fresh and hot The birds and squirrels are negotiating at the bird feeder, and the morning sun is peaking over the neighbors house. Those first rays, so timid, so crisp. Those few minutes I stand there, warming my hands  with my coffee, remind me why I fell in love with this property so long ago, so urban, but yet so rural. If I listen hard enough, I can hear the livestock in the Carriage House waking up as well. Is that the bell on the first trolly car of the day going down Cherry Street? Is that Frank Fellows riding down the ally on his horse on his way to work at Springfield Wagon? Yes, yes I think it is.

Hi Frank…